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    FM15Pro Advanced 15


      I have a stand alone membership application.   The app has both Active and Inactive members.


      So, I wrote a little 'export inactive' script that copies the inactive records in the members table to 'InactiveMembers.FMPUR'.  And, I opened that .FMPUR file and it is indeed populated with Inactive records.


      The problem is that when I try and import the exported table, the IMPORT command produces an error:



      This IMPORT script step:  Does NOT give me a dialog, even though 'With Dialog' is ON? and...

      When executed, Import just jumps to the next line.


      As you might expect, there is no import.  But, I DO get '409 Error - Import Order Is Invalid'; but FM, even though Dialog is ON, will not allow me to set the order.


      Comments?  Ideas?



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          Update:  I use Insert File to place the exported  file into a FM container  (located on the Members layout).  This seems to work.


          However, as you can see in the pictures below, the IMPORT script, even though initially given the Set Field value of "", seems to show a double file path,   And, in debug shows Global::g_Import_Container as "" before the Insert File command.  But, after executing the Insert File command, shows the double path below.  huh?






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            It is normal. file: is relative path, and filemac: is absolute path. A file can have 2 form of paths.


            While defining script, the variable has no value, then your path specified using variable is empty.

            To set import order, try adding 2nd path for example file.




            (or you use global variable, so you can set value while defining script with data viewer etc.)

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              I went back and found some PhilModJunk posts that explained why I needed to have the global field ON THE LAYOUT that had the focus.... With that realization.... all worked as expected.  Thanks..

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                What I don't 'get' is why BOTH filemac:/... and file.../ are showing after I select the file?

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                  It makes the database more movable, since there is no option when inserting file reference the path is absolute or relative.


                  For example,

                  if you put database and images in same folder, the folder can be moved to any place without losing inserted image references (using relative path).

                  if you put database somewhere and images in pictures folder, you can move database ... (using absolute path).