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Retain text color when running script

Question asked by lxr_david on Jun 8, 2017
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FieldA is formatted with blue text. fieldB is formatted in grey text.


Is it possible to modify the following script to retain the text color format of fieldA when entered into fieldB by the script. I have noticed in testing that when I format fieldA to have blue text and run the script, the script enters the text in fieldB  and matches fieldB's text color format (grey). When I enter text in fieldA and manually change the color of the text in fieldA (red, blue green etc.) the script retains the manually formatted text color when it enters it in fieldB.


Let (

  metaData = List ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ; Get ( CurrentTime ) ; Get ( AccountName ) ) ;

  List (

    Substitute ( metaData ; ¶ ; " - " ) ;

    Table::fieldA ;

"---------------------------------------------------------------" ;