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How do I add a third table?

Question asked by mrc2013 on Jun 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by philmodjunk

I have Filemaker ver 15. I have been using Filemaker for many years but only recently have had to create my own relationships between tables. I have a database for accessions (donations). Each accession is a line item with an accNumber, accItemDescription; Date Received etc. So these fields are in my Accessions table. Each accession is an item or group of items given to us by donors. So donor name, address, etc are in a separate table. I have these set up as one- to- many relationship; one accession is given by one donor, but one donor can have many accessions. That one donor can come to use on a different date with a different donation. Some of the donors will get a thank you letter. (I work in an archives. If the staff brings an item to the archives, they do not get a letter; only those that are not staff get a letter.) So do I create a one-to-many relationship (one letter per donor. As I am looking at it, maybe it should be one letter per line item for items that need a letter) OR do I create what I think is called a join table. This is where (I think) you have two tables that go into a third table which presents new information based on the other two tables. In the image below the Inventory table is the Accessions table and the DonorSignForm is the Thank You letter table. The two gray tables at the top are irrelevant, as is the ITEM ID MATCH field. I am using a starter solution and am scared to delete or rename things for fear of messing up the whole database.