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    Add a slide control to existing field?




      I trying to figure out how to add a slide control to an existing Notes field without losing the existing data in the field. We need additional space to add more info, like Part 2 & Part 3. I want to set up the slider for the additional parts. Is there a way to accomplish this? Like, could the existing Notes field be the first slider, then Parts 2 & 3 be the next 2? See screenshots.


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          Double-click the slider panel to open the Setup dialog. This is where you can specify additional panels to be created.


          btw, there is no danger of losing any data. A field object on the layout is just an access method to display and edit existing data or add new data. That data exists (or not), regardless of the field's presence on a given layout.


          The thing that can happen is losing objects in existing panels if you accidentally decrease the number of panels. But that would just mean recreating the objects (or hitting cmd/ctrl-Z if you notice it in time); it still has no impact on your data.

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            What you describe could be done. Slide control could be "endless" with a bit of developer sleight of hand. I have an iPhone based solution with such a widget and each note can be text or a picture.


            But a portal where each note is a different record in the portal's table would be MUCH simpler to implement

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              Not sure if I follow what you're saying, the existing Notes field is not a slide control. Can I make it a slide control & add panels to it?

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                Then I guess I've misread your request. But I suggest considering philmodjunks post.

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                  So I'd need to create a new Table, "Preflight Notes" with fields for Part 2 & Part 3, & have a relationship between the main table "Preflight Notes" & "Preflight Notes" table?

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                    First, you do not add a slide control to a field. You add a field to a slide control.


                    Then, no, you have only one notes field, one "created by" field and one "creation time" field in the related table. To that, you add a foreign key field to link all notes records to a specific record in your layout's table. Additional notes become additional records notes in the related table.


                    The relationship would normally look something like this:


                    LayoutTableOccurrence::__pkLayoutTableNameID = Notes::_fkLayoutTableNameID.


                    The __pk field would auto-enter either Get (UUID) or a serial number in order to uniquely identify each record in your layout's table. Often, "allow creation" is enabled in such a relationship to make it possible to enter new notes directly into a portal based on notes. But you can also keep a separate field like you have and use a script to create the new related notes record.


                    BTW, my "endless slide control" widget that I set up on the solution that I mentioned earlier uses the same related table concept to record an endless number of text and picture notes.

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                      Thanks for the reply. I think this is a bit more than I can chew on. I consider myself a beginner to intermediate user, I’ve kinda half assed put together one solution that I try to improve on. I don’t quite have a grip on relationships yet. I wear many hats in my job, maintaining this solution among them. So, I don’t get to learn this fulltime.

                      We have a FM Pro guy on staff but he travels frequently & doesn’t have much time to help me.

                      That’s why I reached out to the FM discussions.

                      I didn’t explain myself very well on what I’m trying to do, you’re right about adding a field to a slide control, my bad. I think I have figured it out, all I needed to do was add the existing notes field to the first slide control panel, it keeps the existing data.


                      I have been also using your Adventure CVL’s, it is a great resource! I set one up using the Basic CVL’s, but have run into some issues, I’ll ask them in a separate post tomorrow.



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                        you have a problem you would like to solve. You described a potential solution to that problem, but you haven't describe the problem itself. Describing the problem would help the community to provide solution(s).


                        Is it that you would like a large note to be cut into pages instead of scrolling through ? Or is it that the text box shown in your screen captures it not large enough to type everything ?


                        You see, knowing the specific problem is very important.

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                          Further on the point by planteg:


                          Info about the XY problem



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                            Phil, do you happen to have an example of your "endless slide control" widget?  Or at least a basic description of how to set one up?



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                              Keep in mind that I am describing an illusion created by careful design.


                              One example of this trick can be found in the date picker in popover example in my "Adventures in FileMaking #2" file. In that example, you can swipe forward and back through and endless series of one month calendars.


                              The trick is a slide control of just three panels. The first and last panels are blank. These two blank panels have two jobs: 1) to produce the needed slide animation and 2) to identify the swipe direction.


                              Swiping the control trips a trigger and the trigger's script identifies which panel is now in front, uses that info to put new info on the middle, then resets the control back to the center panel.


                              Surprisingly, this needs OnObjectModify and GetLayoutObjectAttribute--not the newer onPanelSwitch and get ( triggerTargetPanel ) trigger/function pair. This is because the script needs to pause briefly after the swipe to let the panel animation take place before updating and popping the middle panel back into view.

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                                Sounds cool.  Thanks for the info Phil.