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    FM16 field identification issue


      windows 10 Pro



      Came across this issue a few times.

      When assigning a script trigger to a field and then adding a button action, FM seems to not recognize the object properly.

      Not identifying the underlying field and not giving all the option when right-clicking.


      Side by side, same file, layout, same object, no grouping or overlayed objects:


      FM15                                                                                 FM16



      Inspector not seeing field:


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          I agree it's frustrating, but it seems to be working as designed.  Please see the thread at An odd change in FM16

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            Sounds like when Microsoft used to call a bug a 'feature'

            This is more than an inconvenience it is unusable.

            It's such a time waster that I find myself reverting back to FM15 if I have layout intensive work to do.


            FileMaker: please re-think this!


            Howard: thanks for the link!

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              Benjamin Fehr

              oh, c'mon! You should know how this works after all:

              - we use right-mouse click to select a object to avoid the object to move unexpectedly

              - we don't use Field Picker on macOS because its mid-grey text on darker-grey background makes you move like a blind man in a tunnel at night

              - we use the new LayoutObjectEditor for changes since a object is not 1 object but a group of objects as soon as any button function was added

              - we never ever go with new FM functions unless at least 5 of the most prolific developer confirm the 50 most annoying bugs as "resolved"

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                I know how things work!

                I wouldn't dream to move any client to 16 until at least the first major patch is released. As a developer I need to be ahead of what the clients use and need to learn and get used to the latest and greatest.


                I only have a problem with the picker not being 'smart' enough to realize that if a group of objects contains only 1 field (which is most of the time) it should be able to allow manipulation of it.

                Surely that isn't that hard to program? we have it in 15, why the back step?

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                  Thank you for your posts.


                  I have submitted your suggestion (grouped object containing one field to easily "manipulate" it directly instead of through the Layout Objects window) to our Development and Testing departments for review.


                  Since I am unable to move this thread to the Product Ideas board, I recommend also posting this information to the Product Ideas board at:    Product Ideas


                  The Product Ideas board is monitored by Product Management and Development.  All entries are read, discussed and considered for possible implementation in a future release.



                  FileMaker, Inc.

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                    Thanks TSGal!