Field data disappears when switching layouts on same table.

Discussion created by AitchB on Jun 8, 2017
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I have a problem that I cannot solve. I hope someone can point me in the right direction.


I have 3 tables: Clients / Bookings / Cashbook



1. Clients::name_full  (related to)  Bookings::name_full ( A booking can be cancelled but a client remains)


2. Bookings::date_arrive  (related to)  Cashbook::date_arrive.


A booking can be deleted (option not taken up) but if client cancels, deposit is forfeited and the booking is marked no show.  The cashbook entry can’t be cancelled.




The problem is that the bookings::date_arrive, entered on layout booking, disappears from layout planning, replaced by a ? and when I return to layout booking it has also disappeared.


This also happens with the 2nd relationship deleted.

The field: date_depart does not change!

It’s not the field size.

They are both « date » fields.

The date_arrive on booking layout and planning layout are the same field!


I think the 2nd relationship is not required and I should use an « if booking::date_arrive = cashbook::date_arrive; show cashbook::payment amount; 0 » ?


Thanks in advance,