Minor annoyance with animated gif

Discussion created by sfpx on Jun 8, 2017
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I have a web viewer with the following content

Let( [

  $img            = GetAsText ( "a.gif") ;

  $img_ext      = ".gif";

  $img_base64 = "base64encodedtexthere" ; // encode image as base64

  end = "" ] ;

"data:text/html,<html><style type=\"text/css\">*{padding: 0; margin: 0;}</style><body><img src=\"data:img/" & $img_ext & ";base64," & $img_base64 & "\" ></body></html>"


The web object is in a tab control.


It works well except that I sometimes get a small white flash before it's displayed .

It's more apparent with a black background and with bigger gifs.

It's also more obvious on ios.

It's a really minor problem but I must say that it annoys me to death

It does not look "slick" when it happens.


You can reproduce it the following way

1.Add a tab control on the layout

2.Create 2 tabs

3.Add a web object that contains an animated gif (black background) on tab 2

4.Set the background of the layout to black and the tab background color to none or black

5.name your second tab "tab2"

6.Create a button that goes to object "tab2"


Click on the button.

You may not see it the first time. You may have to navigate between edit et browse mode between tries because once its loaded it won't flash.

Ex: Click on the button. If it does not flash, move to tab 1. Wait 2-3 seconds. Go to edit mode. Exit edit mode. Click the button again.



I tried everything I could think of to avoid the flash but without real success.