Local external database

Discussion created by tleitzke on Jun 8, 2017
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I am working on an app, and my version of Filemaker is 16 advanced- and the ones in the office are FMP 15. I did not realize at first that some of the new features, like cards, would carry over well (and majorly increase performance and usability of the app. In FMP15, it opens a new window in the window and makes the original window of the app back to original/starting size). So, since the office workers liked the version of the app with cards and other useful features, and the office doesn't have the money for upgrading/package of FMP16- the only thinkable solution is to make the app standalone and have the database modifyable/external. There are 3-4 people who need to use it at the same time with all the same shared data (it tracks customers/jobs). We cannot afford filemaker server either.