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    DIGFM: LOgiCATOR (7/13/2017; Santa Clara, CA)



      July DIGFM Meeting



      Mark Scott @will present the following:


      FileMaker’s Find mode is powerful, yet daunting to the average user. “Find” or “Omit”? “=“ or “==“? “*” or “@“? Multiple requests? Extend? Constrain? How can we make this power accessible to non-technical users?


      Leveraging some great new features of FileMaker 16, LOgiCATOR is a slick, yet powerful module that can easily be integrated into a FileMaker application to present the user with a familiar and intuitive search interface like they’ve used in Mail, iTunes, and elsewhere. Best part is it’s free; we built it for the FileMaker developer and power-user community to add into their own applications. But we also built it to showcase features of FileMaker 16. LOgiCATOR’s author, Mark Scott, will demonstrate some of its features, then look under the hood to see how card windows, JSON, and other new FileMaker 16 features made all the difference.


      Mark Scott.png

      About the Speaker

      Mark Scott is a senior developer at Beezwax, having come from a first life as a scientist studying human immunodeficiency virus, human papillomavirus, and cervical cancer. Early in that career, he needed a tool to catalog a repository of study specimens that would eventually grow to well over 200,000 in number, and to store complex data sets of results from immunologic tests on those samples; he quickly discovered FileMaker. He’s since immersed himself in FileMaker for over two decades, developing expertise in all aspects of the platform and becoming a Certified (versions 12 and 14) FileMaker Developer. When not developing database tools, Mark can be found exploring the backroads of the San Francisco Bay area, practicing new songs on his guitar, and getting up to the Sierra Nevada mountains on a regular basis.


      Date & Time

      Thursday, July 13
      6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.


      FileMaker Auditorium
      5201 Patrick Henry Dr.
      Santa Clara, CA 95054


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