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Container fields sometimes show 'Missing...' after file hosted

Question asked by justinc on Jun 8, 2017
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I am running into a problem with some containers that appear to have lost their related files once I moved the file to the server.  I had a copy of this file pulled down from the server (using the Admin Console to download it), and I created a number of new container fields.  I set these all to use Open External storage.  I then populated all the containers using an AE calc (these fields are all thumbnail versions of a master image record/container).  These fields are static to their table, i.e. they are not unstored calcs, but 'container' fields with AE calcs on them.


I was creating this in FMPA 15.03 and it is hosted on FMS 15.03.


Everything was working great on my local system - I could see all of the images in question in these new container fields.  I then copied the system up to the server, using the 'File -> Sharing -> Upload to FM Server...' option.  I had the file already open at the time, so it closed it down and automatically had it selected for uploading.


But once I got the file to the server, I noticed that in one of the tables that has a new container that about 50% (rough guess) of the records are not showing an image, and instead show a "<Missing...>" placeholder.  Some of the records work fine.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.58.32 .png


A bit of reading indicated that older FMS versions had troubles with longer names.  That could be an issue - except that some of the records that are failing have shorter file names than records that are showing.  E.g. #1 here works OK, but #2 shows the 'Missing...' graphic:





So I was going to verify that the files actually got transferred.  But I can't seem to find the files themselves in the open storage path, either on the server or my local system.  When I do a "getcontainerattribute ( <field> ; "all")" to retrieve the filename, I can't find a file with that name, again, on either my local system (which shows all images successfully) or on the server.  I compared the file counts and both systems have the same number of files in this sub-folder.


I have taken down the hosted file and re-uploaded it, with the same results.


Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas as to what's going on?