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    Container fields sometimes show 'Missing...' after file hosted


      I am running into a problem with some containers that appear to have lost their related files once I moved the file to the server.  I had a copy of this file pulled down from the server (using the Admin Console to download it), and I created a number of new container fields.  I set these all to use Open External storage.  I then populated all the containers using an AE calc (these fields are all thumbnail versions of a master image record/container).  These fields are static to their table, i.e. they are not unstored calcs, but 'container' fields with AE calcs on them.


      I was creating this in FMPA 15.03 and it is hosted on FMS 15.03.


      Everything was working great on my local system - I could see all of the images in question in these new container fields.  I then copied the system up to the server, using the 'File -> Sharing -> Upload to FM Server...' option.  I had the file already open at the time, so it closed it down and automatically had it selected for uploading.


      But once I got the file to the server, I noticed that in one of the tables that has a new container that about 50% (rough guess) of the records are not showing an image, and instead show a "<Missing...>" placeholder.  Some of the records work fine.

      Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.58.32 .png


      A bit of reading indicated that older FMS versions had troubles with longer names.  That could be an issue - except that some of the records that are failing have shorter file names than records that are showing.  E.g. #1 here works OK, but #2 shows the 'Missing...' graphic:





      So I was going to verify that the files actually got transferred.  But I can't seem to find the files themselves in the open storage path, either on the server or my local system.  When I do a "getcontainerattribute ( <field> ; "all")" to retrieve the filename, I can't find a file with that name, again, on either my local system (which shows all images successfully) or on the server.  I compared the file counts and both systems have the same number of files in this sub-folder.


      I have taken down the hosted file and re-uploaded it, with the same results.


      Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas as to what's going on?




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          Is there any chance that these images were originally inserted using the "by reference" option?

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            I doubt it, but can't say for certain.  Hmm...well, the original containers for these images were stored as internal-storage.  During this process I have moved them to external open storage, though.


            I suppose that the originals, if they were manually added, could have had that selected...but then wouldn't they stop showing up when things were moved around on my system as well?  And these fields that I'm having a problem with now are new AE calcs - would a 'by reference' survive across the creation of a new thumbnail?


            The original structure was a separate table of images.  The field in this table was set for internal storage.  There is a process for the user to manually insert an image (and thus could select 'by reference...'), but most of the adding is done through a scripted web-scraping.  Then, it is that container which acts as the 'source' for the AE calcs to recalculate an image at a new size.


            There are two things the are confounding me about this:  it works OK on my local system, but fails when moved to the server; and then that 50% of the images appear to be OK.

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              Err...is it a leading period in the filename that is causing an issue on Windows, but not OS X?  (Our server is Windows, I'm using OS X.)


              It appears that all of the files that are showing as '<missing...>' have a "." (period) as the first character of the filename.

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                In my attempts to fix the filename issue, I'm running into troubles re-importing WMF files.  The FM documentation says that it supports that image type, but my "insert picture ("image:<path>/<file>.wmf")" script step is failing with error 735.  It says it will just insert it  as a file...but then the resulting container has just a "?" in it.


                I have tried manually inserting such a file as well (one that was exported from one of these containers) and I get the same "?" result in the container field.  Curiously, if I use the file picker dialog (instead of drag-and-drop from another OS X Finder window), the WMF files is grayed out when I have 'Show = All Available" selected.


                Doing more research.

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                  Hmmm...while trying to fix the filename issue, now I'm not having any luck with these .WMF files.


                  I saw someone's post about making a new unstored calc field that was "Gethumbnail()" of the original container/image field, and then exporting that calc field.  I tried that, but I'm still getting a ".WMF" file as the output.


                  I suppose that I could hope that I there aren't any of these .WMF files that have a leading "." in the filename, and just kind of ignore the file format problem for now, and just see if this fixes the original issue of container files showing as '<missing...>' when moved to the server.

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                    Well, it appears the the filenames were the problem.  After writing up a script to export/import the image containers, and rename the files in the process, I was able to upload all this to the server and have things correctly render in the containers.


                    I just kind of ignored the issues with the WMF files, because they didn't start with periods.  But if they had...I'm not sure what I would have done, as I didn't seem to be able to reimport them as images (i.e. use "import picture ["image:<path>/<file>" in the script - this step would produce a 735 error).

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                      Oh, and the inability to find the files in my local system...because they started with a period, OS X treated them as system files and hid them from the basic Finder results.  I could find them in a terminal window.