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    FileMaker Server 16: Multiple Worker Machines


      Hi all,


      Can anyone please explain in details.


      I have the following questions in FileMaker server 16.


      1. Can I connect the FM Go from FM Server Worker machine in two server deployment?


      2. Consider, I have single server deployment server machine. Can access 500 user form FM Go?


      3. Do I need 5 Worker machine to use 500 concurrent connection (Each machine 100 license)?


      4. Consider, I have one Master machine and one worker machine. I have connected 100 web-direct users from worker machine. Now, Can i connect the FM DB from Master machine via FM Go?


      5. Each worker (4 Worker) have the different IP Address? If yes how can i give the webdirect URL to users?

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          These are all really questions for FMI. Please call and speak with a sales manager at FileMaker. Getting 500 hundred connections would require a call to FileMaker anyway. I am sure they would be happy to license you 500 connections.


          1. I believe only WebDirect clients are routed to the worker machines.
          2. That is really a question for FMI or anyone who has actually over 100 FLT connections, but likely not a good idea if that is the way it works.
          3. For WebDirect, Yes.
          4. FMS16 load balances the Wed Direct clients across the master and workers. You cannot control how many go where.
          5. This is not recommend as FMS handles the routing from the master IP address. I read somewhere that directing clients to the worker machines directly causes some usability problems.
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            Im my experience FileMaker is very critical of anyone licensing over 100 connections. I once asked about the possibility a 250 connection license when the limit was 100 and it became an interesting conversation.


            There is also only a public SKU for up to 100 connections.


            FLT 100 Connections approx. $8,800/yr. At 5x the money I hope it is a profitable vertical solution you are working with.