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    FM16 - Show Status Area




      I've done this only by script step so far.. 'Show hide Toolbars' , but it still has the 'toggle' option.  How do you toggle this in v16, now that the zoom control area has gone.. What is the corresponding menu option for it, if it exists.. I had a look but couldn't find any intuitive corresponding option..




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          ok so I figured this one out. It is Ctrl+Alt+S on Windows or View>Status Toolbar.


          The difficult one is if you built a solution in a previous version to hide the menu bar when it's opened, I believe the only way to get the menu bar back is to run it from script step 'Show Hide menubar'.  That also has a toggle option but I believe this just toggles from repeatedly running the script step, I don't believe there's any other native menu option or status area control for this toggling of the menubar.


          Please shout back if anyone knows different about this.



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            We have a visible script "Show status area" in all databases, which checks if the account is admin and does a


            Show/Hide Toolbars [ Show ]

            Adjust Window [ Resize to Fit ]

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              Yeah, I still find my cursor automatically headed for that lower-left corner, where I used to toggle the status bar off and on all the time during development. (I invariably turn it off for my users, so as to run them thru a more controlled and protected version of their processes, but obviously I need it myself in development mode.)


              I always used to say that FileMaker Pro had 3 ways of doing all common actions — menu commands, keyboard shortcuts, and icon clicks — and of those, the icon clicks were by far the most convenient. Well, I've been able to buttonize a lot of other actions (create, find, sort, etc.), so I guess I can do this one, too.

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                Markus Schneider

                it's a pitty )-:


                we often work together on a big monitor, a 2-monitor setup - one can't see if colleage is in browse mode or not, one can't click on the little buttons for zooming, showing status, etc.


                Would be great to have that switchable...

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                  I HATE this stupid decision!!! At least let me toggle it on while I am logged in as the developer! Ack!

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                    Well, you can, of course, using either the menu command or the keyboard shortcut. But you're right that it's not as convenient as the clickable icon, which was available on all screens at all times in all modes.

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                      No, I meant to toggle its behavior. Currently, it won't respond to either the menu item or the keyboard shortcut if it is locked. You can't look at the icon in the footer to see if it's locked either. You have to first try the command, THEN look in the menu, and THEN write a script to unlock it, rather than just look at the icon to see your situation. Fine, let me turn it off for the user, but why hide it from the developer who needs it A LOT!


                      That, and its stealing several pixels (oh, I mean POINTS!) on the right side of the screen when you switch to list view has got me wondering what dey bin smokin' up dere in Santa Clara! (Oh, it's California, so it must be CA's #1 cash crop.)



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                        You must have somewhere a script which does the Show/hide [hide] with lock. Wrap it inside a

                        If get(accountName) ≠ "Admin" / EndIf.


                        As a developer you must be able to test a solution from the user POV and see what he sees.