FM Server 16 WebDirect: calling an application using script parameter

Discussion created by marbel911 on Jun 9, 2017
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Hi all,

i've a problem in FM server 16 WebDirect.

I've a public area in my website that works under webdirect.

The access to it is made through a string of this type:

http://<host>/fmi/webd/<database name>[?script=<script name>[&param=<script parameter>][&<$variable name>=<value>]]

and with actual installation in FM Server 14 works perfectly.


Now I'm moving to FM Server 16, more powerful and rich of new features, but this call generates immediately an error like "The user has not privileges to make this operation" and it stops.


Note that if i use the call without using the script parameter:

http://<host>/fmi/webd/<database name>

it works perfectly also in FMS 16.


The script parameter  is the "open" script, called at the opening of the file, so it's the same in both cases.

The user is always "Guest" that has a restricted range of privileges and it's the only user that has the web direct access; in this way the access is immediate without asking user name and password.


Probably there is something new in FMS 16 that i've not catched; someone can help me to find the solution?

Thank you for the support