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    FM 16 Webviewer - authentication failes (Mac only!) / form upload


      Product and version: FileMaker Pro 16

      OS and version: Mac OS X 10.12 and 10.11



      - opening a webpage that is protected with htaccess by sending username/password in URL (for uploading a file)

      i.e. https://user:pw@mywebite.com/form.phppw@mywebite.com/form.php

      - form.php gets the filename and calls antother php file which makes the upload




      - FileMaker Pro 16 on Windows 7: No problem at all.

      form.php gets the filename and passes it to upload.php. File will be uploaded (and processed later on)


      - FileMaker Advanced 16 on Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra: form.php can be loaded and it accepts the the filename, but no upload through upload.php

      (I guess the filename is not passed from form.php to upload.php)


      - FileMaker Pro 16: form.php can not be loaded at all (Apache Error page - authentication...)


      - all combinations of FileMaker 15 and lower  / with all mac os and windows versions: no problem at all.

      everything works


      The form.php / upload.php combination is part of a webshop api, which runs since about 8 years. Only FM16 Mac stops its function.