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    error message from server


      So the IT guy setup new Window FM Server for one of my client.  Everything is working fine but I am getting this email from the server.  Looks to me like it is related to disconnect a client for exceeding idle time.





      FileMaker Server 14.0.4 on DBSERVER reported the following event:


      2017-06-08 18:19:40.812 -0700 Warning 661 DBSERVER Client "Emily (CGSURFACE2) []" authentication failed on database "Rev_BSYS_V2.fmp12" using "Admin [fmapp]".


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          No, it is not related to an idle disconnect.  You can get these errors 661 for instance if the users use a local launcher file,  That launcher file auto-opens with the default 'admin' account and when the launcher file tries to open the hosted file it will first try with that same admin account.  If it fails FM will show the login dialog to the user, but it will also log that first failed login attempt.

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            Cool, that bring up another question about local launcher but I will save that for another thread.