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Need ExecuteSQL Help

Question asked by xxx202xxx on Jun 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by beverly

Lack of ExecuteSQL knowledge is slowing me down.  Here is my problem.  Under "Manage Database" I have a Service_Management table with several table occurrences used for relationship purposes with one of these occurrences being named "NOC_Dashboard".  On this dashboard layout I am attempting to use eSQL for slice data to a pie chart.  However, before attempting that I wanted to test my eSQL query to see if it would work.  So I created a field on the Service_Management Table, sqlSTATUS (calculation field) using the following statement with the result being text.


ExecuteSQL ("


FROM Service_Management"

; "" ; ", ")


Result: WIP, Open, Closed, Cancelled, Pending


I tested this query using the Data Viewer and it returned what I expected.  But, on the NOC_Dashboard layout where I have created an edit box I am still receiving a "?".  The Specify field window I pointed the field to is "Current Table (NOC_Dashboard)::sqlSTATUS"   I do not understand why I am not seeing the same data as in the Data Viewer in this field window.


Please Help.