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    Need ExecuteSQL Help


      Lack of ExecuteSQL knowledge is slowing me down.  Here is my problem.  Under "Manage Database" I have a Service_Management table with several table occurrences used for relationship purposes with one of these occurrences being named "NOC_Dashboard".  On this dashboard layout I am attempting to use eSQL for slice data to a pie chart.  However, before attempting that I wanted to test my eSQL query to see if it would work.  So I created a field on the Service_Management Table, sqlSTATUS (calculation field) using the following statement with the result being text.


      ExecuteSQL ("


      FROM Service_Management"

      ; "" ; ", ")


      Result: WIP, Open, Closed, Cancelled, Pending


      I tested this query using the Data Viewer and it returned what I expected.  But, on the NOC_Dashboard layout where I have created an edit box I am still receiving a "?".  The Specify field window I pointed the field to is "Current Table (NOC_Dashboard)::sqlSTATUS"   I do not understand why I am not seeing the same data as in the Data Viewer in this field window.


      Please Help.

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