Get(ModifiedFields) CWP does not trigger

Discussion created by kvdb on Jun 10, 2017
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Product and version: FileMaker server

OS and version: Sierra 10.12.5

Browser and version: Latest Safari / Firefox / Chrome / ...

Hardware: \

Description: Get(ModifiedFields) does not trigger when an record is updated through CWP (XML)

How to replicate Create an table with some fields and one auto enter field that contains the calculation Get(ModifiedFields). When editing the records in FileMaker Pro, the calculation gets trigger. When editing through XML the calculation does not trigger (have not tested PHP but I assume it's the same result, I did tested however the FileMaker Date API (same problem)). When running an FileMaker script in the same CWP request that edits the record the calculation gets executed.

Workaround Run a script besides your query to trigger the field



Don't know if its intentional that this does not get triggered, but it seems only through the web that causes this problem.