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    For Info - Memory used by FileMaker Advanced


      In case anyone finds this of interest, we have to keep a very close eye on memory usage by FileMaker on our Citrix and RemoteApp servers. The memory leak in the last version cost us quite a bit of money as we had to keep increasing the RAM allocated to each server as each user's session consumed the available memory, particularly those who didn't log out at night.


      However, the biggest RAM gobbling culprits are ourselves. With each of us developing on our cloud servers using FileMaker Pro Advanced, in particular when using the script debugger and data viewer, the amount of memory used can easily average 4 to 6 times that of a normal user, over 1.5 to 2Gbs is quite normal, hence we try to spread ourselves across different servers.


      Screen shot below taken from a combination of Pro v15 and Pro Advanced v16 (2nd in list).




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          Maps (aka "Dictionaries") are often culprits for memory leaks.


          In Java there are utilities you can use for free, or buy, that will help you track down Memory Leaks. I would assume the developers at FMI know about such utilities for their language(s) as well.


          Why don't you report this as an issue or perhaps you already did?

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            I may have mislead you. This isn't a report of a problem, although it is too soon to see whether v16 handles memory better than v15. The first 2 releases of v15 had serious problems that was both reported to FileMaker and posted within this forum.


            The above was just for information, identifying that continued use of some of the features of any version of FileMaker Pro Advanced will consume significantly more RAM than the standard version. We've found that the Script Debugger and Data Viewer (which are nearly always open) have a significant impact on RAM usage.


            Perhaps this was too obvious to post?




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              The opposite. Absolutely nothing in your screenshot declares anything about where 15 vs 16 is used. No conclusions are achievable given what you show.

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                Gotcha. Thanks.


                I guess having had to chase down memory leaks, I'm somewhat pre-disposed to reading a posting like yours and assuming, too quickly it seems, that it's similar.

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                  I'm obviously not being clear here Bruce. This was not meant to be a v15 to v16 comparison, it is too early for that, but a Pro vs Pro Advanced comparison.


                  We haven't rolled out v16 to our clients, hence all the 250 to 350Mb are the standard FileMaker Pro 15.03 clients. The > 1Gb entry, 2nd in the list, which I did mention in my original post, is FileMaker Pro Advanced - it happens to be v16, as we're using this for our own development, but see the same results when using v15 advanced (usually higher than that shown).


                  We are quite used to seeing these figures with FileMaker Pro Advanced; usually consuming 4 to 6 times the amount of RAM when using the script debugger and data viewer when compared to the FileMaker Pro users.


                  All of these figures can increase relatively, with 450Mb of RAM for FileMaker Pro not unusual and close to 2Gb for FileMaker Pro Advanced.


                  Hopefully this is clearer.




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                    During the pre v15.03 release you would have seen many postings from me regarding the leak. Memory costs, particularly in a virtual environment and cost means a squeeze on profit, hence I'm equally keen to keep an eye on things.  

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                      Out of curiosity, does 16 seem to have mended the memory leak issue in 15?  Also, was your memory leak also a problem in 14 or not there too?  Just curious. 

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                        Hi Taylor


                        We've been streaming FileMaker Pro via the cloud for over 6 years now, starting with v13. We only became aware of any memory problems with any of our servers with the release of v15. FileMaker never acknowledged or reported a fix for any memory leak, but a number of us reported it and things did improve with the release of v15.03.


                        At the moment we need to allocate about 350Mb on average per standard user on each server, which used to be set at 250Mb (so 4 users per Gb down to 3) plus more for our design team. It is a bit like concurrent licensing, very rarely is every user logged in. Backward comparison is very difficult as we don't often spend much time using a pre v15 version of FileMaker and analysis is much easier in our newer Windows 2012 servers than the older Windows 2008.


                        In general v14 users appear to use less RAM than v15, but that is probably to be expected and we've no standard v16 users to compare.


                        To try to answer your 2 questions directly, we don't know whether v16 has any leak, but we haven't seen the spikes we saw with v15. I've just checked 3 active sessions for 3 of us who have been in v16 Advanced all day; the highest was 1.2Gb, whereas I'd have expected that to be over 1.5Gb using v15 Advanced. We were never conscious of a memory leak in v14.


                        Kind regards



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                          Thanks for the info, Andy.  Very interesting information!  Of course we're all hoping FM 16 is well optimized and doesn't have memory leak problems.