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FM 6 to FM 15 Upgrade - Managing Container Fields - Editing Issue

Question asked by buckmccune on Jun 9, 2017
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I'm upgrading a home grown Manufacturing App from FM 6 to FM 15. We purchased the Metadata Product and cleaned up all of the issues, migrated from FM 6 to FM 11, and then FM 11 to FM 15.  I have addressed almost all of the issues but one - which deals with CONTIANER Fields.


In the FM 6 version the user was able to open an Engineering Table, select a record and then go over to the left hand side of the page (margin area) and perform a mouse right click. This would pop up a window ( CUT, COPY, PASTE, EDIT DOCUMENT, OPEN DOCUMENT, INSERT OBJECT, INSERT PICTURE, INSERT QUICK TIME, INSERT SOUND), allowing the user to update the Word Doc or remove the JPEG file and replace it.


The same file running in FM 15 is popping up with a different window and will not allow me to change the container file (cannot edit it, cut it or insert a replacement.  My only observation is that the FM 15 layout does not have the left hand margin next to the document.


Thanks in advance...


Buck McCune