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      Hi there,


      I have two tables, departments and marks. The department table has information for more than one department. The mark table holds all marks for all subjects in all departments. The department layout has a pop-menu shows all subjects in that department. when I select a subject to see all student marks in that subject in another layout which has a portal based on marks table. The problem is that the portal always shows the first subject marks.


      any help please would be very appreciated



      Many thanks in advance.

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          How can there be student marks if there are no students?

          Please show your graph.

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            Department, subject, student, mark ... I take it this is an educational solution?


            If you look at the nouns above and compare that with

            haider2016 wrote:

            I have two tables, departments and marks.

            it seems to me that you need at least three, or four additional tables:


            haider2016 wrote:

            The mark table holds all marks for all subjects in all departments.

            but Marks are given to Students in Departments who study subjects, so I'd expect


                                                 Student                              Mark

                                                       |.                                      |

                                                      ^.                                     ^

            Department --< DepartmentStudent --< DepartmenStudentSubject >-- Subject


            As to the original problem, we'd have to see your tables and fields, the relationships, which relationship is used for the portal, and why selecting a student (based on what list?) would filter that portal ... the works!

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              Bruce, how come you're so laconic and I'm so verbose?

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                Brevity is...?

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                  Thank you for your reply, you and Bruce are right, I should explain more. In fact, I have four main tables. These are: department, student, marks and subjects.


                  student ----< marks     

                  student ----<subjects  



                  the portal related records is from marks table.


                  hope this is clear enough

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                    BruceRobertson wrote:

                    Brevity is...?

                    ... golden? The mother of invention? Twice shy? The spice of life? The square root of all evil?


                    Heck, I don't know ...

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                      haider2016 wrote:

                      hope this is clear enough

                      A screenshot of your Relationship Graph would make matters even clearer.

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                        You left out  ... "the soul of wit"

                        Is your question about lack of character or lack of characters? 

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                          BruceRobertson wrote:

                          You left out ... "the soul of wit"

                          Must be because I was missing it.


                          Anyway, correlation is not causation, so it wasn't a question of character. Think nothing of it.


                          Thank <insert favourite world explanation model here> it's Friday and we can be silly.

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                            Maybe we need a T[ X ]IF custom function.

                            But - back to haider2016 - yes, graph please.

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                              As you can see by the basic questions being asked, we need to see your RG.


                              Also, any screenshots of your layouts would also, possibly, be helpful.

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                                TBH I love Bruce being calibrated around the "mildly annoyed" value to start with.

                                Any failed input from the OP will pack his answers into a higher value of sarcasm and I can't get enough of it.