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What could this relationship mean if all table is connected by the same field?

Question asked by pleiades on Jun 10, 2017
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I saw a Filemaker database with a relationship that I don't understand. I'm curios to know why they did that.


The design is all the Tables are connected to the same field KEY


It starts with the DASHBOARD Table with the field KEY

The KEY is a Calculation type with a 1


The DASHBOARD Table is connected to other Tables with the same KEY field


The Main Tables are BOOKS, ACQUISITION, LENDING, LIBRARIAN  and within these Table has the same KEY field


But the KEY field is Number type with a Data of 1


And there are Sub Tables, example for the Main Table LENDING, the Sub Table is LENDING_Books, LENDING_Returns, within these Sub Tables also have the KEY field, with a Number type with a Data of 1


It seems to me that they are all connected by this KEY field.


Are there any advantage of connecting every Table to this?


Does someone know what kind of relationship is this and what is the result of this relationship?