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    Manage Layout bug in FMP 15/16


      macOS bug with FMP 15 & 16:


      When you're in layout mode, and then you press Shift-Command-L, the "Manage Layouts" window opens up.


      However, if you then press command-W to close the window, it actually closes your actual database window in the background... instead of closing the "Manage Layouts" window itself.

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          Markus Schneider

          the problem goes beyond:


          I'm on e german system, the shortcut is alt-cmd-T in the menu

          - alt-cmd-T opens the new layout objects palette in FM16, not 'manage layouts'


          - open the 'manage layouts' via menu opens the manage layouts -> and cmd-w closes that window as expected


          under FM15, alt-cmd-T works as expected -> and cmd-W closes the 'manage layouts'


          Do You have any 3 party apps installed that might manage shortcuts?

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            Ah, thanks... I see how to reproduce the bug now.


            The bug DOESN'T crop up when the window in the background is in layout mode.


            The bug ONLY crops up when:


            a) the window in the background is in browse mode.

            b) the "Close Window" menu item of that window has been replaced with a custom "Close Window" menu item (which performs a script to close the window).


            So it looks like what's happening is this:

            Whenever the "Manage Layouts" window is opened up, it seems to somehow inherit the custom menu set of whatever is the closest window in the background. So when you press command-W, it actually is running the command-W custom menu item of the closest window near it in the background.


            Very strange bug, indeed. Thanks for helping me pinpoint the exact cause of it.


            (Tagging TSGal on this thread.)

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              Thank you for your post!


              I was unable to reproduce this issue on MacOS 10.12 Sierra with FileMaker Pro 16.0.1. I followed these steps to attempt to reproduce:

              1. Created test.fmp12

              2. Created Script "CloseWindow" with a single step- Close Window [ current ]

              3. Created Custom Menu Set - "Test Menu" with all manage, scripts, and the following "WindowTest" menus

              4. Created Custom Menu "WindowTest" with an menu item action of "Close Window" that runs "CloseWindow" script

              5. Made sure to be in browse mode with a few records created

              6. Switched to my Custom Menu "Test Menu"

              7. Command + Shift + L

              8. Command + W (in my case this was using the custom menu set, but it was greyed out)


              It does seem that Manage Layouts uses the custom menu set in FileMaker Pro 15 as well.

              Am I misunderstanding something here?

              Could you provide a sample file with steps to reproduce?



              FileMaker, Inc.

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                Thanks, TSPigeon. I think I see what's happening here. When observing this process via the script debugger, it looks like FileMaker Pro is triggering TWO (2) close window scripts in the call stack. I'm not exactly sure why it's doing that. I've created a video for you that shows this in action. There is some confidential information in the video, so is there an email address where I can send you a private link to view this video privately?