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    Card Window Help!


      I don't know if this is specific to Filemaker Go on an iPhone 6+, but when I try to display a card window on the iPhone it only displays across 3/4 of the display area.


      Width of the layout is 414 pt, width of the card window is set to 414 pt also.

      The normal Go to layout script step will display the layout (non card) in its full size


      If I try it on an iPad Pro it displays across the entire content width and in Filemaker Pro Advanced it is the same behaviour and fills the content width.


      Am I missing something or is this behaviour specific to the iPhone 6+ ?.

      Has anyone else come across this before?.


      Thanks for any insight.



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          Johan Hedman

          For each layout for FileMaker Go, use the template when you create your layout. Then adopt your Window Card to not be any bigger then your layout.

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            The more I look at this, the more I think it is a bug specific to the iPhone 6 +.


            Like I say, I can get the card window to appear and fully cover the layout behind on an iPad or Desktop.

            But with the iPhone the card window will always come up short on the window width.


            Also I am noticing the close button is missing on the card layout when used on iPhone and present on iPad or desktop


            I thought this might be because I was hosting the file on FMS15 but I created a new file with blank layouts sized to 628h x 414w and downloaded it to my iPhone to run locally and the results are the same.


            The button script to show the card window is

            New Window [ Style: Card ; Using layout: “Card Window” ; Height: 628 ; Width: 414 ; Top: 0 ; Left: 0 ]


            This has me stumped at the moment.




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              Here are the results on Desktop



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                Stephen Huston

                What do you get if you leave the window sizing fields in the card window setup blank/unspecified?

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                  I get the card window centred but still the same width.




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                    I think that is the expected behavior for FM Go on the iPhone. Clicking on the grayed section closes the card window.


                    "FileMaker Go does not support the Floating Document and Dialog window style options. Also, FileMaker Go supports the options for positioning and resizing windows only for cards, and always displays document windows in full screen."

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                      Perhaps also try this mod.

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                        Hi Bruce,


                        Same results, the card window's maximum width is 372.6 and the close button is missing.


                        Perhaps as Gregg suggests this is the default behaviour on iPhones.





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                          Stephen Huston

                          Does it make any difference if you turn off the left-right position anchors in the position Inspector?

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                            What is it you want?

                            You have the documented behavior now.

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                              Why not just use a ‘regular’ New Window which does fill the iPhone screen rather than a Card Window? It would seem Card Window doesn’t offer any benefit in this case...

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                                The trick is to make the layout width smaller.


                                The card will display nicely on my iPhone 5s when I shrink the width of the layout from 320 to 280. The card now centers nicely and I don't have to fill in the size fields.


                                Also apply the anchors to cause the fields to expand (top, left, right) and they fields adjust nicely for landscape or larger screens.


                                I create special [CARD] table layouts...

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                                  I have noticed the same behaviour on an iPad Air 1 & 2 as well as an iPhone 6, the card window will not span the entire width of the display area no matter what size you specify as the card window size. Interesting if it does go edge to edge on a iPad pro Though.


                                  -- Orlando

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                                    My want is to display layouts previously designed for the iPhone 6+, in a card, in full size and not have the scroll bars when the layout exceeds the card width.


                                    Obviously now, but not obvious in the documentation, the card window functions differently depending on the client device it's being run on. Layouts to be displayed in card window on the iPhone 6+ will need to have their width sized appropriately to not exceed the maximum size of the card window. 414pt verses 372.6pt.


                                    I am aware of the sizing anchors and perhaps in future I will need to include their functionality into my UI design.

                                    Heretofore, I generally designed around fixed screen sizes in fixed orientations.


                                    I find the card window an effective method to display full record information, say from a portal row where maybe only top line fields are shown in the portal.

                                    It also had the benefit of keeping the parent window, with on load script triggers, open in the background. Opening and closing a card window keeps these triggers inactive, where switching layouts would cause these to trigger.


                                    I do appreciate I can script around these trigger behaviours, but the card window looked like another tool could leverage without having to do so.


                                    It is still interesting to note that the close window button does not appear on iPhone card windows.


                                    Anyway, thanks to everyone for their comments and suggestions. I have a better understanding now and I can design around this behaviour in the future.


                                    Thanks again



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