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Copying Layouts with Layout Manager

Question asked by embeco on Jun 11, 2017

I have a bunch of layouts all using different tables. I need to create the same layouts but I need the text to say something different (original says "Exporting" the new one is to day "Archiving"). I created a new folder "Archiving" and I highlighted all of the layouts in the "Export" folder and duplicated them. I then moved all of the "Copied" ones down to the new "Archive" folder and changed the names. The new layouts all point to the proper tables. All looks good.

I get out of layout manager and go to select one of the newly copied layouts and all I get is the last one moved. No matter what layout I select of the many layouts copied with layout manager I always get the last one. If I go back to the layout drop down the layout that I last selected is not check marked; only the last layout copied is check marked. I can go to another folder and it works fine. It is just trying to edit a layout that was copied and put into the newly created folder.

Is there some magic to copying a layout from one folder to another with layout manager? Did I not create the folder properly (it is a stand alone folder - not a subfolder)?