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White Label Deployment of FM Pro?

Question asked by itsrayland on Jun 11, 2017
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Good evening FM friends, thank you for your thoughts.


Thank you Filemaker 16 for the improved Application Frames, Windows looks amazing!


I am looking for help determining the best practices for painless deployment of my Filemaker 16 into the wild. We don't mind buying the Filemaker Licenses if we just had an easier way to install them in a single own branded process.


Our current answer for this is Go To Assist, we install Filemaker Pro 16 & give them a branded FMP URL desktop icon. I'd like to use an icon on a Launcher file?


My solution entails mostly PC users with a locally running front end sending data to a Mac Filemaker Server. For the GO portions it seems that the SDK will be a great answer to Launch the hosted solution. Any ideas how long the iOS App store approval has taken recently?