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    DDR doesn’t show script triggers


      FileMaker Pro Advanced

      MacOS Sierra 10.12.5

      iMac 21.5” mid-2011, plus Apple LED Cinema Display 27”


      I was trying to find all the scripts that I use as triggers, so I can consolidate them into a single folder in my list of scripts. I know for a fact that my “Invoices - Data Entry” screen has one such field:

      Script Trigger Set.jpeg

      But it doesn’t show up in my Database Design Report:

      Invoices DDR.jpeg

      I’ve checked all possible options for what I want the DDR to display, but the entire “Script Triggers” column is blank.

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          That exactly why I use an analyzer, I like Inspector. But there are plenty others.

          You can also find that information if you do a search of the DDR web page.

          If you do a find for "in - Inadequate Product Quantity Warning" it will find the object that has the script trigger attached.


          Hope this helps



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            Thanks for the response, Jerry, but I already know that "In - Inadequate Product Quantity Warning" is a triggered script. What I'm trying to find, in the totally vacant "Script Triggers" column in DDR, is all of my triggered scripts, associated with the layouts they appear on. But it isn't even showing the one that I know is there, let alone any others that might exist.

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              Thank you for your post!


              I was unable to reproduce an issue with FileMaker Pro 16.0.1 (Advanced) -the Script Triggers column does seem to populate Scripts and how they are triggered for the different layouts in the Layout Hierarchy for the sample DDR I made.

              How is that script being triggered?

              Are any Script Triggers showing up for you?

              Do you have the same issues in a New File?



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