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Import from host to local FM go

Question asked by sivagurS on Jun 11, 2017
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I have a quick question.


I have a standalone iPhone/iPad app local to the device.

Let me call my files FIle_Local and File_Hosted

Every time the user opens the app, I have a script that checks for connection to the FM Server.

If there is connection available, I run a script from File_Local that calls another script in File_Hosted which runs a Stored Procedure to populate a SQL table, tbl_WKO

Both File_Hosted and File_Local has a reference to this SQL table tbl_WKO.

Once the table tbl_WKO is populated, I run a Import statement in my file_Local, to Import these recently populated records into a local table in file_Local.

It all works fine in Filemaker Pro Advanced, but when I run the exact same scripts from FM Go, the Stored procedure is executed properly and the table tbl_WKO is populated properly, but the local_File could not access this tbl_WKO and hence the Import doesn't work in FM go.


Some one please tell me how can I get this populated vales from tblWKo into a local table in File_Local.