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Timecode in seconds

Question asked by ChrisJohnston on Jun 12, 2017
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I have a set of timecode (video) that gets generated by a media player. The timecode is used in a my solution. For example, I wanted to get the timecode in seconds of 01:04:54 . Was able to do the math for the Timecode of 01:04:54 to end up at 3894 seconds like so...

Let (                                                     
@hourSecs = (GetAsNumber(Left(clip_in;2)) * 60) * 60;    
@minSecs = GetAsNumber(Middle(clip_in;4;2)) * 60;        
@secSecs = GetAsNumber(Right(clip_in;2))];               
@hourSecs + @minSecs + @secSecs                          


My question is how do I go the other way. For example with 3894 and a number like 7253, how could I end up with 01:04:54 or 02:00:53 respectively? I realize I will have to put back the colons (":"), that I can do. As for the math, I can figure them out, but I would like to know a good method of doing this with FileMaker functions. Thanks