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    FM16 Set Variable bug


      In FM15 and before I can use Set Variable [$myvar[ 12345678901234567890…] upto 400 digits, in FM16 only the last 18 digits are processed! When you define a variable in a Let() statement it is ok.


      So when you use $company[ Code( company::uid ) ] and the uid is longer than 18 -> unpredicable results. 


      Is assume this is a bug?

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          Probably a good idea to report this as an issue to TSGal or to techsupport


          Set variable with long numbers seems to work OK in 14, as well.



          Set Variable [ $var; Value:11119939933939939393940599809098409384503985039583098098450890298340298402938420498209482049820349 8203498203498230498203498203498203498203489204982034982340928340928402983402938420938420984203948230984 2309842039842039482038940239384029840294820394820394820394820349820349820394820349820349820349820394820 39482093482093482093842834084302924380923409243092430982430924390 ]

          Set Field [ Untitled::test; $var ]


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            Long description of the change in behavior in this area:


            Beware with FMP 16 : Windows based variables BROKEN


            The change to only allow max reps for a variable to 10^17 (down from 10^400) is discussed at length in that thread.  Official word from FMI through TSpigeon: while it is a documented change, it was not an intentional change.


            That sounds like they may be reviewing this.

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