Filtering a List View/Report

Discussion created by tag002 on Jun 11, 2017
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I need to create a report that lists only those records that meet a stated criterion.  The List View is the natural format since it deals with the requirements for printing.  (Using a portal would create issues of how many rows to show and how that would break across pages when printing).


The Help topic "Defining global fields" states that global fields can be used as a match field for relationships and as a user preference for filtering portals or lists.  So, it must be possible to filter records appearing in a list, but I haven't been able to discover how to do that.  I tried using a self-joining relationship as the source for the list with the field containing the criterion for inclusion on one side and a global field containing a constant on the other side, but that doesn't eliminate the records that don't meet that criterion.  I've even swapped which of the two self-join tables is the source for the List, but the result is the same -- all records are included in the list regardless of the value of the match fields.


Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Bruce J