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    Map in a Web Viewer


      I have recently made a solution that we will eventually be using as an App to estimate Christmas Lights. In it, we want to allow users to draw polygons on a map of their home. I know some of the basics in creating a map, but basically what I'm hoping for is that, the user creates a new record in a specified table. In that table, they input their information "Address, City, State, Zip" and then a Web Viewer displaying HTML will be able to pull up that address. Then, they can proceed to draw the polygons on the map.


      I know how to pull up a GPS location and I know how to implement polygon-drawing for the most part, but I don't know how to make it so the only information the user needs to provide is their street address. Keep in mind, I'm trying to create a solution with as little user-error as possible as we are hoping to put this on the App Store.

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          Johan Hedman

          To get a Map you can use FileMaker build in WebViewer. To create a polygon, you can use the Signature Capture


          If you want to put on App Store, then each user would download it themselves and have there own records on there App so they only have there information. If you solution would like to estimate cost, create a API on your FileMaker Server that the App then can send information to