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How to assign numerical values to radio button and check box text answers in order to suggest a course of action

Question asked by user12259 on Jun 12, 2017
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Greetings & thank you - long time user, but still just an advanced novice. 


Want to create database in which each record represents a single problem/question regarding a course of action for a particular patient.  For example for patient, Adam, Does he qualify for procedure "X".  A correct course of action can be determined by answering several multiple choice questions.  Some of the questions will have only 1 correct answer, and some of the questions will have possibly multiple correct answers.  I had wanted to use radio buttons for the only 1 correct answer questions, and checkboxes for the possible multiple correct answers.   I had planned to use value lists for the answers to the multiple choice questions. 


The intention being that each answer would have a numerical value;  then the sum of all the answers would be used to determine the answer to the primary question "Does Adam qualify for procedure X".  However I am unable to solve how to assign a numerical value to the answers, especially for the checkbox option where values are a list of all the options checked - and especially if I wanted to assign a different value to each of the possible answers.  Assigning a numerical value to the radio button answers does not seem too difficult as there can be only one answer. 


Is this even the correct approach to the basic goal, of using  answers to multiple choice questions to answer a bigger question like - "Does Adam qualify for procedure X"?  Should I be using value lists for the answers or some other approach?


Thank you for any feedback - Paul