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    Summarizing message on a non summary field


      Hi All,


      I have a Filemaker 14 solution that is hosted and users connect to it from their homes. So it's possible that the answer to my question is simply a latency issue between the server and the user.

      A user recently complained that they get a "Summarizing Field 'Name'" message whenever they visit a particular layout. What is strange is that the field "Name" on the layout is a calculated field. The calculation is: SalesPeople::first_name & " " & SalesPeople::last_name


      Why would there be a summary message regarding a calculated field?


      Other thoughts: They also complained that they get a "Sorting records" message on pretty much every action in that same layout. One example is that they click a tab in the layout and receive a "Sorting Records" message. The Tab has a few buttons, and some fields belonging to the layout's table. No portals or anything that I can see that would serve up multiple records that need to be sorted.

      Nothing has changed on the layout, which is partly why I think it could be a latency issue, but I want to see if there is something I can do to help the symptoms.



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          Might you also have a "list of" summary field that lists the contents of the name field.


          I've seen this before when apparently due to a lot of changes being made by multiple users to the underlying table all at the same time. Not sure if it's an issue with how the temp files on the client update or what, but sometimes closing and re-opening the file helps.

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            No "list of" summary field for name, however there are frequent changes to this table. Some of them are from scripts updating multiple records and some are from user inputs. This is probably the most commonly accessed/changed table in the solution. It just seems odd that it only recently began giving the user problems.


            This user also experiences other problems pretty frequently, long load times, long wait to login, etc. I hate that they are having a bad experience, but when its one user out of hundreds... it makes me feel like it's on their end, not mine.