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Set variable to checkbox set in script, then set field in another table using same var

Question asked by jdevans on Jun 12, 2017
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I have a script that sets a variable to the selections made in a checkbox set on layout1 (based on TO1) The origination checkbox set has two choices.  I want to go to another layout based on a different TO, create a new record, and set a field (set up as a 5 choice checkbox set)  there to the same values from the original checkbox set.  On the destination layout, 2 of the 5 choices have a match from the 1st (origination) checkbox set. Is there a way to make the correct checkboxes populate on the destination? "Set Field" isn't working except for 1 of the the choices.



Here's the origination layout, with two-selection checkbox set.



Here's the destination layout with five-selection checkbox set (first two, same as orig).