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New, Unwanted Horizontal Scrollbar in List View

Question asked by richard0415 on Jun 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2017 by richard0415

*FileMaker Pro Advanced

*Windows 7 Enterprise

*FileMaker Server 15 running on Windows Server (dedicated VM).

*A horizontal scrollbars appears at the bottom when opening a file in list view.  It does not appear in browse view.  The horizontal bar is also grayed out since the layout does not extend off the window (scrolling is not necessary).  Zooming in allows you to interact with the scrollbar and move the screen left or right.  Zooming out (even all the way) only causes the scrollbar to be grayed out.  The scrollbar also partially covers a buttonbar that I set up on a bottom navigation part for the layout.  Even if the h-scrollbar was desired, the fact that it covers the bottom navigation layout part is undesired (allow it to shift the objects up and let the bar be at the bottom of the page).

*Using FileMaker Pro Advanced 15, open a file then go to a layout setup in list view with enough entries to show a vertical scrollbar.  Close the file and reopen it in FileMaker Pro Advanced 16.

*Removing enough entries so the list view does not require the vertical scrollbar (obviously not a good workaround but does show the issue).


Thank you!


**Edit to include two screen captures.  One from FMPA15 & one from FMPA16.