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    Urgent Help Please


      I closed my database from FP Server 16, changed the name and reopened it. Now all my containers are gone and I do not know how to llink them from the original named folder.

      (my original name of the database had a year so I wanted to remove that so it did not seem dated).


      I have tens of thousands of photos, pdf;s in the container field so this is a BIG deal.

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          Have you tried reverting things to their original names?  If that works it'd give you a bit of breathing space to work out a permanent solution.

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            You haven't mentioned Mac or Windows or external open or encrypted storage, but the external folders are created with the same name as the database file In the RC_Data folder. You may find they reappear if you rename the original folder (with original file name) containing the container files to the new name of your database file. Close the FileMaker file first, rename the folder and reopen the FileMaker file In FMS admin console.


            On Windows we frequently drop folders in and out of the RC_Data folder on development copies for testing. Never had a problem. No experience on Mac doing this (but watch out for permissions) if so.


            Hope this works



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              First thing I would try is renaming the file back to what it was before. If the container data is reconnected then all is well. If not, try Andy's suggestion. And if all else fails, you do have a backup copy you can revert to, don't you!

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                the server is on a mac. I am using secure and unsecure containers.

                i will take the file offline and see if about your suggestions.

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                  Just for completion, as I wrote the above without any reference from memory latish, the folder created by each database is contained in a folder called RC_Data_FMS and we've no experience of doing as I've suggested with encrypted external storage.





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                    It did not work. I have backups but even when I open a backup the containers are missing. The database file and the RC_Data folder are together in both cases. I was hoping to open the backup and then do an import but since both database' are not connected to the containers I can't.

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                      This solved things. I misunderstood the 'reconnect' at first. I had backups but they only saw the containers once it was first opened and placed on the server. I then imported the containers over to the newly named file.

                      All is good,

                      Thank you