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Php script in web viewer...

Question asked by clarkgr1 on Jun 12, 2017
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I'm integrating a web-viewer from calculation to make visualization of complex data easier and more flexible for my users. (Attached image).However, I'm having some trouble with interaction...


In the web-viewer, users click on items that should be added to a database table. Via embedded jQuery I can recognize the IDs of the elements that are selected and I'd like to add them to the database (MySQL backend)


I have tried 2 ways:

  1. I can send these as a CSV string argument to a filemaker file to add them to the database. However, sometimes there are quite a few of these, and I'm guessing filemaker doesn't allow super-long arguments because if I test with larger numbers (e.g. 50+), some don't end up in the database. So this doesn't quite qork
  2. I can send these as CSV to a php script. This works great when testing outside of a filemaker environment. But launching the php (via Ajax) within the web-viewer doesn't seem to work. See posted code:


#### code

        if(idcollect.length > 0){   


                          type: 'POST',

                          url: 'myApacheServer/musculus/C9Req/PopGrna.php?grnaID='+idcollect





Is there some way to either allow long arguments to a filemaker script, or launch an ajax request via the web-viewer?