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    Access to Webdirect from outside my local LAN


      Hi All,


      I am using filmmaker pro 15 and server.


      I can access my solution via web direct when I am on my local network but when I try to access it from outside the local LAN I can't gain access.

      I have opened the ports on my router  but when I type in my pubic ip address it doesn't accept it as a valid address.


      The ip address that i have for my public ip is in a format i've not seen before: 2a02:c7f:1c3a:700:4cda:39a4:bb53:86f6


      I have changed some numbers on the above ip for security but you can see the format it is using.


      If anyone can help i would appreciate it.


      I have read the documentation on filemaker support and it hasn't helped.