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Van Loading report pulled from job sheet line items

Question asked by SamOsman on Jun 13, 2017
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Hello everyone,


Got a little issue with part of my system that I haven't been able to work out a proper solution. My system has the ability to create a job sheet, which you can add products/services too. I then have iPad layouts used by engineers in the field to be able to view the job sheets for that day, and only if the engineer name = their account name. This works fantastic!


I'm trying to build a 'van loading report' which shows a list of line items from those job sheets in a list so that the engineer can load the correct products/equipment onto their van before heading out for the day. The only way I've managed to do it so far is to add a date field to the 'job sheet line items' table, which when you add a line item to a job sheet, it copies the job sheet date into that field, so I can pull those records out for that date to show in the van loading report. This does work, however, if the job sheet date changes, it doesn't affect the line items so then you get inconsistencies between the line items and job sheets when the engineer is in the field. (extra products showing, or some missing)


I also want to be able to only show the line items for the engineer who is logged into the database and not everyone's. I do this for job sheets with privilege set restrictions, however, as the line items are not linked to an engineer, the job sheet itself is, I'm not sure how to limit this?


Please could someone point me in the right direction to do this, I feel there is an easier way, without needing to copy the job sheet date onto every line item, but I'm not sure what this is.


All help is appreciated.