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    Community idea


      I started with FM 2 Claris. I think I got deleted as I didn't use it for a long time, I just kept upgrading and importing over the years. Ive now upgraded to 16 and I'm rewriting my database from the ground up.

      Here is the most annoying thing I've found and something easy to fix. When I ask questions or try to answer basic problems for newbies.


      The system needs 2 fields with drop down menus. When somebody posts a question they have to select what version of FM they are using.

      When somebody answers they need to display what FM version / solution they are using to answer the question and give a solution.


      At present as somebody coming back to FM, I ask a question and go to some answers, sometimes i read for 5 minutes until I realise it's a version 7 answer and I'm using 16.


      This has only happened because FM is so good and has constantly given us new toys to play with.

      Some older questions can still be answered with FM3, like what is a field.


      But the best new toys need to be answered version relevant.

      Thanks, Jay

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          Good suggestion Jay. I try to answer with links to the current version of help.

          You might post this to Community Feedback as that space/place is about this forum's functions.



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            This is better in Community Feedback


            I'd look at the date of post at first before choosing result of search

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              Thanks Beverly, done.



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                That helps.

                But maybe an FM 16 user is answering an FM 10 question because they remember how 10 functioned and is answering that perspective.

                It would be such an easy thing to implement and then answers could be displayed in version relevant order.

                I know there is someone here that can do it in 5 mins.

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                  A number or people, myself included, respond via email and I am not sure the reply selections would work well. I am not really supportive of that part anyway. 


                  I think that the version selections for asking a question is a good idea. Need to have the option to leave them blank as some people ask questions and have no idea what version the have or have not purchased yet.


                  A noted template like the Report Product Issues section might be a good help as well.

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                    Hadn't thought of email replies yet.

                    I don't think there should be a blank option. "Don't Know" would be better.

                    Or a note telling people Menu/Filemaker/About would be easy.


                    The feature would make my life 50% faster.

                    As Im getting back in to writing, I'm sure it would benefit others too.

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                      I know I would be a lot less likely to reply if I had to make selections each time.

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                        1 selection.


                        If you are answering

                        You would select FM 14 if you remember how to answer that question from a 14 perspective.


                        You would select FM 16 if answering from that perspective. Which would make you think "Should i be answering this question"


                        I don't even want to see the replies unless they are FM16 relevant.

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                          There are mixed version answers sometimes. Downgrade robots.


                          I think the responses have been working just fine. And the fact that FMI can't get their Google result sorted to show relevant version result is a hassle for the replying person to verify anything the may be posting.


                          Granted the quality of replies may go up,  but maybe the actual replies would dwindle. I would likely select 16 or no version and reply however I felt like if this was implemented. No way to enforce this.


                          If it was optional that sounds ok.

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                            Respect your thoughts, and your opinion is as valid as mine for them to decide if to implement it or not.

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                              It's important information when a person is asking a question, because some features are not available in older versions, so post a question great idea, but I do agree with Tom on the relpy.  Some answer would cover two or three versions or more.  Icon button came out in version 14 and it still around, so version 14,15,16 would pertinent where as prior version would not.   You have a relationship question, well that would cover several version of FM.    It would be very time consuming for a responder to look up each and every version an answer may be pertinent to.   Several of the responders have other jobs, and answer question as they can.

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                                Now that a couple of people have replied, I think only the poster needs to confirm which version. Because any answers will be relevant to the original question and version.

                                How cool are we as a team!