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Version relevance

Question asked by jaythefirst on Jun 12, 2017

I started with FM 2 Claris. I think I got deleted as I didn't use it for a long time, I just kept upgrading and importing over the years. Ive now upgraded to 16 and I'm rewriting my database from the ground up.

Here is the most annoying thing I've found and something easy to fix. When I ask questions or try to answer basic problems for newbies.


The system needs 2 fields with drop down menus. When somebody posts a question they have to select what version of FM they are using.

When somebody answers they need to display what FM version / solution they are using to answer the question and give a solution.


At present as somebody coming back to FM, I ask a question and go to some answers, sometimes i read for 5 minutes until I realise it's a version 7 answer and I'm using 16.


This has only happened because FM is so good and has constantly given us new toys to play with.

Some older questions can still be answered with FM3, like what is a field.


But the best new toys need to be answered version relevant.

Thanks, Jay