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Embedding timestamps into photos

Question asked by Extensitech on Jun 13, 2017
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I have a client, who's currently using fms/fmp 15 (soon to upgrade to 16), with 360works' supercontainer, scriptmaster and email plugin. They use Windows in the office and also some iPads in the field.


One section of their (huge) solution is managing home repair work orders in the field with iPads.


The challenge is that the work order photos they take (before and after) need embedded timestamps. The photos are viewed in FM (where we could just overlay) but they are also emailed back and forth as attachments during the estimation and approval process.


There are third-party iOS apps for this, but if they capture the photo straight into fmgo (as opposed to choosing from the gallery), they bypass those apps. They could create the photos first, then attach them, but they take a lot of pictures, and the extra steps really pile up.


Is it possible that someone has already encountered this need and addressed it?


Ideally, we'd embed the timestamp when taking the photo, perhaps by interfacing with one of the 3rd party apps that does this, but I'm not sure how. Alternately, we have several scripted processes to go through after the photos are taken (during which they're reviewed in the office, etc.) so we could potentially add the timestamp to the photo later in fmp on Windows, or even on the server.


Anyone have any ideas how to best accomplish this?


Chris Cain

Extensitech, LLC