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How can I make a unique operative report for a patient related record.

Question asked by mcintyre2 on Jun 13, 2017

Presently I have a PATIENT Table related to an OpDetail Table.  The OPDETAIL Table contains over 60 OpDetailFields needed for all my operations, and over 60 ScriptFields to generate text that will merge into an Operative Report. i.e. breast augmentation, mommy makeover, eyelid surgery, etc.  Also each Record has 36 Operative Report layouts, each with a different operative report.  (Each operative report layout has a popover button that reveals the OpDetailFields that would be associate with that operation). 


Example, a breast augmentation would have 12 OpDetailFields that are associated with breast augmentation. i.e. Right_breast_Implant_size, Left_breast_Implant_size, Type_of_implants, Position_of_the_Implant, etc. 


Each breast augmentation OpDetailField answer, ie. “yes”, triggers a ScriptField with a script which results in the input of text into the Breast Augmentation Operative Report layout.   For example, a “yes” in the OpDetail field, Breast_Augmentation, causes two ScriptFields, script_breastaugDx and script_breastaugOp to fill in their results into two different merge field,<<script_breastaug_Dx >> and <<script_field_breastaug_OP>> in the Breast Augmentation Op report layout.


Example: In the Breast Augmentation Op Report Layout, There is a line with the text “DIAGNOSIS:” followed by a line text a couple of returns lower, “OPERATION:”.   On the layout, “DIAGNOSIS;” is follow by merge <<script_breastaug_Dx >> which a results in “1. Bilateral Hypomastia” and “OPERATION:” is followed by <<script_field_breastaug_OP>>,resulting in “1. Bilateral Breast Augmentation”.


The problem is this, there are 36 Operative Report layouts associated with each record.  Some of the Op Reports use the same OpDetail fields. ie.Right_breast_Implant_size can be used in the Breast Augmentation Op Layout, the Breast Augmentation with a Lift Op Layout, the Mommy Makeover Layout.  So the patient will have a complete Breast Augmentation Op Report but partial Op Reports for the Breast Augmentation with a Lift Op Layout, the Mommy Makeover Layout as well as all the Op Reports with at least the patient’s name and age. 


Is there a way besides extensive scripting and a separate table made up of text segments of an Op Report which are called and put in a merge field on a single Generic Incomplete Op Layout associated with one OpDetail record?


Would a set-up with tables such as

Patients (contacts) — OpTable “with generic op report skeleton” ( Invoice) —- DictationSnippets(Line Items) —- Snippets (Products)  


I can’t figure this out for the operative report. 


The next project is to figure out visits and reports related to visits (or patient contact events) since the are many different types, ie. new consult, current patient new consult, preoperative visit, postop visits, visits for injections(botox, juvaderm) visits for last procedure, etc. as well as coordinating photo sessions with each type of visit. 


Electronic Medical Records are complicated but I like challenges.