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    Window > Bring All to Front doesn't work


      I have three doc windows and a script window open in 16, all from the same FM file.  While this wouldn't be typical in a professionally developed end-user environment, it is VERY typical in a development environment.



      If I switch away from FM16 to any other program, using the Windows Task Bar to get back to FM16 requires me to select a specific window to go back to.  I typically don't remember what I was doing before checking my email or dealing with another problem.  I've always relied on FileMaker to manage my windows, to always show me the last-used and other windows automatically when I return to FM.  Now I have to remember the last used window AND manually bring each other window to the foreground as well.  This is, by the way, very different behavior than found in FM's implementation on the Mac.



      So...I just realized there is a "Bring All to Front" option on the Window menu, which might theoretically help with part of the above problem.  Clicking on it however seems to do nothing at all.  Perhaps this is just mistakenly left over from before 15?  Too bad if that's the case.  Not only should it work, but it should be the default behavior of FileMaker each time I return to the app, to bring all visible FM windows to the front. 


      (I've noted a bug above, and I realize the second part of the last paragraph sounds like a feature request.  I could add it as such, but it would get ignored because this is a developer issue and most FM developers are on Mac...so I'm just going to leave it here and I hope that FM's engineers take it upon themselves to clean up this absolute mess I feel they've created.)



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          Thank you for your post.


          The open windows is a function of Windows.  If you have three Chrome windows open, switch to another application, and click on the Task Bar to return to Chrome, you have to select the Chrome window you want to view.  The same applies to FileMaker Pro and any other application.


          If I return to FileMaker Pro and select a window, pulling down the Window menu and selecting "Bring All to Front" brings back all the other FileMaker Pro windows to the foreground.  That is, if I close the topmost FileMaker Pro window, another FileMaker Pro window appears.  If this is not working for you, let me know the exact steps you take so I can reproduce the issue.



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            TSGal: While I agree with you that the windows coming to the front is essentially a default function of Windows, a browser is a collection of totally separate tabs and windows that are each completely independent from one another.  FileMaker windows usually all work together as as single solution.  Even if there is a Windows default to bring forward only one window, I have to believe there is some kind of trigger that FM engineers can use to bring forward the others automatically.


            As for "Bring All to Front", I've just tested again and I now see my mistake.  In my tests the other day, as in my initial test today, I had minimized the extra windows.  Bringing "all to front" apparently does not restore minimized windows.  But if I have all the windows showing, then go to another app, then come back to a FM window and select "Bring All to Front"...that DOES work.  That's a start for me.