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    Simply Way to Link Multiple Records with Each Other




      I am reasonably new to Filemaker's greater depths of features and am really struggling with this problem. I think it's a self-join but can't seem to get it to work - have just gone blank


      I have one simple table into which I am entering suggested features for a product. One feature may also be linked to others.


      When creating a new feature record, via a form, I would like a portal on the form that displays the other previously created feature records. Then the ability within the portal to click a checkbox on those features that are linked to the one being created. Obviously, a new feature may be linked to more than one new feature etc.


      I'm sure this is straight forward but am having a blank moment.







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          You can have a fk in the same table with another TO on the graph but this gets weird quickly.  Just add a join table.

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            Johan Hedman

            You can build relationship and almost any field in your table, Name/Product/Category/Type etc. It is just up to you.


            Duplicate current Table Occurrence (TO) and rename it to something that makes clear to your solution. Then choose the field for which you need the relationship. For example if you want to see all other records that have the same Product, then use field Product to Product and then add a second relationship with your serial number towards the serial number and use not equal to, to omit your own record to appear in your portal


            Also, read free FileMaker Training Series

            Learning | FileMaker


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              FeaturesTable::__pkFeatureID = JoinFeatures::_fkParentFeatureID

              FeaturesTable|Linkde::__pkFeatureID = JoinFeatures::_fkChildFeatureID


              FeaturesTable and FeaturesTable|linked are two occurences of your table. This is then both a self join and a many to many relationship. A many to many self join as it were.


              To link one record in FeaturesTable to others, you create a new record in JoinFeatures for each existing feature that you want to link in. Just as a way to get started, you can put a portal to JoinFeatures on your Features layout, enable "allow creation for JoinFeatures in the FeaturesTable to Join relationship and format _fkChildFeatureID with a value list of Feature IDs and names. This isn't your check box, but it's an easy way to test this to see if you've got this set up correctly.


              Then, if you want to try using what looks and acts like check boxes for this (but which are really buttons that create or delete records in JoinFeatures, see the "Check boxes with Scrollbars II" example in:


              Adventures in FileMaking #2-enhanced value selection


              This is a teaching file that illustrates many different techniques for selecting values from a list that go beyond simple value lists and conditional value lists. Each example comes with detailed documentation.

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                Thanks Phil. I got my head down and did some serious reading. Managed to crack it.