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    How do you exit all fields?


      A user makes a selection from a dropdown list. Once the selection is made, some other field (the next in the tab order) becomes active. I don't want that. I want for *no* field to be active after the selection has been made from the dropdown list.


      I tried doing a simple trigger that commits on exit field, but that had no effect.

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          Is this in FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go?

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            Pro. (It doesn't matter whether the solution works in Go or web.)

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              Yes but behavior in go can differ in pro when it comes to what objects can get the "focus", so I needed to know.


              Something on your layout has to get the focus. This could be a field or a button or some other object such as a tab panel, popover, portal row or Slide Control panel.


              You could, for example, remove all fields and other objects from your tab order, but then, when you select from the value list, the focus will return to the field formatted with the value list and you've lost the ability to tab from field to field.


              What you might do is set up the OnObjectExit script trigger to perform a script that uses go to object to put the focus on something innocuous--such as a bit of layout text formatted to be a button, but one with a single step action that doesn't really do anything such as "resume script".


              Your script would need two steps:

              Go to Object

              Exit Script [false]


              Exit Script [False] will cancel out the exit field event so that the focus set by go to object is not then changed by the exit field event--which would otherwise move the focus to the next field in the tab order.

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                To answer to your post's title: Commit Records / requests, combined with a tab order in which you clear all then ok.