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Import script step, multiple imports,

Question asked by mckeefurniturellc on Jun 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by philmodjunk

I have data that I am importing into filemaker, the data is dimensions and material for cabinet parts, My Data is currently in this format; Unit, Dimension Thickness, Dimension Width, Dimension Length, and Quantity of parts.


If i have a cabinet with 2 identical sides and an identical top and bottom and 2 adjustable shelves the parts would show in my list as


Cabinet side, .75, 24, 30, Qty 2

Cabinet Bottom, .75, 24, 22.5, Qty 2

Cabinet Shelves, .75, 23, 22.375, Qty 2


When I import this data into my parts file for that cabinet I would like it to Import the Cabinet Side twice, the cabinet bottom twice and the cabinet shelves twice so after the import into the parts file it would look like this


Cabinet side, .75, 24, 30,

Cabinet side, .75, 24, 30,

Cabinet Bottom, .75, 24, 22.5,

Cabinet Bottom, .75, 24, 22.5,

Cabinet Shelves, .75, 23, 22.375,

Cabinet Shelves, .75, 23, 22.375,


Depending on what we are drafting or building we may have a quantity of 1 to 100 potentially.  So I need a filemaker script that will import these parts based on the Quantity Fields value, If there are 3 parts it would import that part 3 times, if there were 22 parts it would import that part 22 times etc.


I don't know if I am looking at a Loop Function or what I need to make this happen.

Thank you