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Filemaker Go with Brother printer and container field.

Question asked by sorrow on Jun 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by sorrow

I am having a unique problem after capturing a signature and then printing to this printer.  If the iPhone loses wifi connection to the printer but then it reconnects, the signature will not print out, everything else will, just the container field holding the signature will not show or print.  After selecting the printer in the print dialog, it still will not print, until you cancel the print dialog, click on the print button again, now the signature shows and prints correctly.


Anyone else run into this problem?  The customer has been using FM Go 15, but I just downloaded FM Go 16 and the problem still exists.  It's not a huge deal but the customer wastes paper when it doesn't print properly.


Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?


Thanks for any help!