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    Filemaker Go with Brother printer and container field.


      I am having a unique problem after capturing a signature and then printing to this printer.  If the iPhone loses wifi connection to the printer but then it reconnects, the signature will not print out, everything else will, just the container field holding the signature will not show or print.  After selecting the printer in the print dialog, it still will not print, until you cancel the print dialog, click on the print button again, now the signature shows and prints correctly.


      Anyone else run into this problem?  The customer has been using FM Go 15, but I just downloaded FM Go 16 and the problem still exists.  It's not a huge deal but the customer wastes paper when it doesn't print properly.


      Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?


      Thanks for any help!



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          Have you tried a PDF? Does the printer work with other containers? Does this process work printing a record from FMP?


          Would try deleting the container object from the layout and adding a new one. Yest a completely new layout?


          Printing In FM has always had some issues and FMGo has the most. I have never seen this issue though.


          The best way I have found to work around the FMGo problems is print from a robot FMP client. There is the cost of the hardware, FMP license but it prints as expected, faster and without any dialog interaction in FMGo. The user experience is just better all around.

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            Thanks for the reply.


            PDF will not work for him, at least during the delivery of the products, which is what the iPhone is used for.  The customer signs for it and then the receipt prints out with the signature on the printout.  He has purchased 6 of these brother portable printers and iPhones for this purpose.


            Printing from filemaker pro on a pc does not have this issue, it's just when printing from Filemaker Go to this portable printer.  I have not tried to remove the signature field and replace it with a new one, mainly because I have 3 different layouts that can be printed and this problem exists on all 3 of them.


            Yes, I have heard of the issues with printing from FMGo, it has been an issue from the beginning.  We have worked out most of these issues and it has been working good for some time but he recently told me that this has been happening for some time.


            The bot idea is a great one, which I use for many of my clients, but this customer wants it printed on the spot and given to the customer and does not want to rely on an email for a pdf of the receipt.  He actually has a bot machine for his online orders.


            Thanks for the info.