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Filemaker 16 Script Debugger

Question asked by acohensitt on Jun 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by Philip_Jaffe

One issue I found in FileMaker 16 Advanced is with debugging a script. When the script step reaches the END of the row displayed on the screen, I usually SCROLL the window up so that I can see the next steps BEFORE they occur -- however when you click Step Into, the screen POPS BACK DOWN so that the current script step, which was a second earlier at the top of the screen, is now at the bottom. At this point scrolling up is a waste of time because when you Step Into again, the current step pops back down to the every end of the screen display.


This makes it impossible to see the next step before you Step into it.


Previous versions (including FileMaker 15 Advanced) didn't do this. If you scrolled UP it would stay in that position when you clicked Step Into.


This is a major problem when debugging scripts.


Anyone else find this is a major issue?