Hung Server Side Script and VSS

Discussion created by DLarsen on Jun 14, 2017
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This isn't a question so much as an FYI to others who may be experiencing server side scripts that start but never end.


On both FM Server 13 and now FM Server 16, I experienced server scripts that would start but never complete. It seemed like the first script would hang and cause all or most of the subsequent scripts to get stuck in the running state too.


I'm not 100% certain but it seems like the cause of problem was the Microsoft VSS (Volume Snapshot Service) process. It probably started its routine while an FM script was running.


What I don't know about VSS would fill a library but fundamentally VSS is a Microsoft tool that allows a snapshot of a live server to be taken in a matter of seconds.  By default our IT group enables VSS across all servers. When FMS started having all of the script hanging problems I asked them to take FMS out of the mix and all has been well since.


Perhaps VSS would be fine if no FM scripts were running when it kicked-off but I'm not going to take that chance.


I would think the better option would be to gracefully shut FM Server down so that no scripts were running and no databases were live and then let VSS do its thing.


Just an FYI.


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